Organic Mattress for Children

Organic Mattress for Children

An Organic Mattress for Children can Help Them Sleep Better. Things to Consider when Purchasing the Right Mattress for Your Child: Why Natural Mattress and How an Organic Twin Bed can Help Your Child.

  • Children grow up, and the things they need at age 5 are most likely different from what they need at 15.
  • Children’s bodies are softer, at least, until the age of eight or nine.
  • Most children up to that age prefer a soft mattress. Most young kids even will say, “The softer, the better.”
  • Children are more impacted by exposure to harmful chemicals than adults.
  • Sleep has a direct impact on children’s physical and mental development.
  • Children need sleep to help their immune system fully function.
  • Heart disease, obesity and diabetes can be linked to chronic sleep loss.
  • More than two million children suffer from sleep disorders, a great many of which can be prevented by well rest.
  • It is proven that quality sleep makes for a quality life.

Your child’s mattress needs grow with them. The mattress your son needs at seven will vary greatly from what he requires as a 6’1 high school athlete. Just as he outgrows the 300+ pairs of sneakers you bought him, he will outgrow his mattress.

Come on in to our showroom to try out mattresses for your child, or give us a call if you have questions. Green Dream Beds will help you get the facts in finding the right mattress.

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