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Green Dream Beds Carries Natural Sleep Products

Green Dream Beds is not your typical mattress store. What you’ll find is a cozy space where you are the only shopper. We customize the experience to your needs.

You won’t find rows of identical-looking mattresses under banks of fluorescent lights, with a salesman on commission hovering over you while you try to relax in bed.

Instead, Green Dream Beds welcomes you into a relaxed, homey atmosphere, where trying our specially selected range of organic mattresses, toppers, futons and pillows is a pleasure, not a chore. Every one of our clients works 1-on-1 with our President and Founder. He will meet you at the store and work to truly understand your unique needs.

Just like the unique individual that you are, there is only one mattress that is right for you and we are committed to finding it so that you have an incredible night’s sleep, every single night.

The owner, not just a salesman, who will educate you about the beneficial materials, manufacturing, and unique comfort qualities of organic bedding. Since 2006, we’ve helped customers choose GOTS and GOLS certified organic mattresses by SavvyRest, Suite Sleep, Ergovea, and Honest Sleep and can guide you to choose a bed that’s custom designed for yours and your partner’s specific sleep requirements.

Need more time to compare models and make a decision? Not a problem. Feel free to linger, take a nap, even spend the night in the store to be sure the mattress you choose is right for you. Most of our mattresses are warrantied for 20 years, though we expect them to last 30 or more, so spending more than the five minutes most people take to try out a mattress only makes sense.

To give you the most personal in-store experience possible, we prefer meeting by appointment, ensuring you get our uninterrupted and full attention. But, you can also come anytime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm to take advantage of our unique remote access system, with which we guide you through the store over the phone. That’s right, just ring the doorbell, we’ll answer and let you in, and you’ll be the only ones in the store, giving you the time and space you need to make the decision that’s right for you.

At Green Dream Beds we’re dedicated to your health and well being, by providing you with “the sleep you’ve been dreaming of. “


Billy Stevens, the owner/operator of Green Dream Beds, is the most unlikely of mattress salesmen.

His BA in Religion from Duke University ‘74; experience as a restaurateur, club owner and impresario (Sallam Cultural Center); 45 years of musical performance (Red Herring, Boney Maroney, The BilliTones, solo artist); international tours to 60 countries on behalf of USIA; an MA in Southern Studies from Ole Miss; 35 years of lecturing on the history and evolution of American popular music; the historic restoration of an 1877 Durham farmstead; none of this was in preparation for starting Green Dream Beds.

With no background or particular interest in starting a retail, furniture, or mattress business, Billy was simply a satisfied customer who saw an opportunity. After learning about the health benefits of organic bedding, he bought a SavvyRest in 2006 and fell in love with the comfort, customizability, and longevity of his natural latex mattress. His positive experience made it easy to advocate and extoll the virtues of the SavvyRest design, making this a product he could wholeheartedly share with those who’d rather not buy a mattress sight unseen online. After meeting Michael Penny, the founder of SavvyRest, and observing his integrity and dedication to his employees, he knew he’d found an honest and reliable source of products he could promote and represent with 100% confidence and enthusiasm.

He started from his home in Durham, showing customers their guest bed, then rented a series of small spaces until he landed at Academy Court, where he found a light-filled corner storefront with good visibility. Now expanded beyond SavvyRest to offer a variety of brands, options and designs, Green Dream Beds is not only the first organic mattress store in the Triangle but the most customer-oriented, making each purchase a matter of personal pride and satisfaction.

Billy still operates as a virtual one-man operation, combining sales, purchasing, receiving, delivery, warranty and customer service roles as a solo entrepreneur. Operating only by appointment for years, Billy recently introduced an innovative remote access system using a doorbell camera and a cell-phone app, making it possible to post regular hours, open the doors and lead customers through the store remotely. It’s the first of its kind, as far as we know, providing a creative and flexible option for a man with many interests.

Come by Green Dream Beds and meet Billy, or give him a call and let him show you around the store remotely. Either way, you’ll get personal attention, honest information, and the benefit of Billy’s fourteen years of experience selling the finest organic mattresses available.


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