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Organic cotton and linen are treated differently than conventionally grown fibers. Some of the things Best Selection of Organic Bedding | Green Dream Beds | Durham, NCthat make organic bedding better for the environment are that they have not been grown or treated with toxic pesticides, and that means cleaner soil, water and air for the universe. This also helps to fight global warming.

By choosing organic sheets, you’re helping to change the planet.

You’re not only reducing the output of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (organic farming creates 60% less of those than conventional), you’re helping to protect the health of soil around the world. Healthy soil actually stores carbon dioxide, keeping it out of the atmosphere, and that stored carbon helps the soil retain moisture and nutrients. Fertile, carbon-rich soil helps more plants grow, and those plants, in turn, draw in more carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, continuing the beneficial cycle.

It’s also worth noting that the positive impact of choosing organic sheets extends beyond the fiber they’re woven from. Many farms rotate fiber plants with food crops, so by choosing organic sheets, you are actually helping to support and sustain the organic farming of veggies and grains, too. In a way, by simply changing your sheets, you’re helping to change the world.

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