Buy an Organic Mattress in Durham

Organic Mattresses, Pillows, and Bedding in Durham, NC

You can buy an organic mattress in Durham from Green Dream Beds with confidence. Green Dream Beds has been serving the Durham area since 2006. We have the largest selection of organic bedding products in the area and we’re your best choice for organic bedding in the Research Triangle and beyond. Our diverse collection of mattresses, foundations, pillows, sheets and more, has the right choice even the most discerning shopper.

With our wide selection of manufacturers, SavvyRest, Suite Sleep, Ergovea, and Honest Sleep, we offer you the finest selection of organic mattresses in Durham.

We’re dedicated to meeting your individual needs, for the sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

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Why Do You Need an Organic Mattress?

  •  Almost 1/3 of our lives spent in bed, what we sleep on does affect us.
  • Your mattress is a long term investment in your comfort and health.
  • Organic latex mattresses are made of organic latex, organic cotton and organic wool.
  • The components of our organic mattresses, cotton, wool and latex, are cultivated using NO pesticides and are manufactured using chemical-free processes.
  • Our organic mattresses use organic wool to meet 1633 fire retardant regulations, as opposed to harmful flame resistant chemicals.
  • Organic mattresses are hypo-allergenic, durable and biodegradable.
  • Organic mattresses are characterized by their ability to support the body and alleviate pressure, while simultaneously regulating body temperature to help you sleep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • By purchasing an organic mattress, you help to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as the amount of harmful toxins in the air.

The Benefit of Owning an Organic Mattresses

  • Organic Mattresses are Chemical Free
  • Organic Mattresses are Hypo-Allergenic
  • Organic Mattresses Regulate Temperature
  • Organic Mattresses are Durable
  • Organic Mattresses are Sustainable and Biodegradable
  • Organic Mattresses Offer Extreme Support and Minimal Pressure
  • Organic Mattresses Offer Comfort and Elasticity
  • Organic Mattresses Are Naturally Flame Resistant
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