Top 10 Reasons: Naturepedic

1. Certified Organic Cotton

Naturpedic uses only certified organic cotton, which is healthier for you and causes less impact on the environment because of low impact harvesting practices.

2. Food-Grade Polyethylene (Waterproof models only) 

The surface of a waterproof Naturpedic mattress is made from an environmentally friendly plastic that is known for it’s purity and cleanliness. They have created the first food-grade safe mattress which helps improve your health.

3. Steel Innerspring

Naturepedic uses only the highest quality innersprings available. Our twin, full, and queen size mattresses feature 360, 528. and 650 coils respectively, and they provide excellent support and are fully recyclable.

Note: Beware of advertisements for “coil count.” This figure does not give the number of coils in the actual mattress, but rather the number of coils in an equivalent full size mattress.

4. Wavesupport™ Lightweight Technology

Wavesupport is an exclusive Naturepedic innovation designed to provide exceptional support with about half the weight of an innerspring mattress (11 lbs instead of 22 lbs on average).

5. PLA Comfort Layer

PLA is an amazing new fiber that’s made entirely from plants (mostly corn and potatoes). It wicks away moisture, offers a comfortable resiliency, and does not off-gas harmful chemicals.

6. Fire Protection – Done The Right Way
Naturepedic, like Green Dreams Beds, isn’t a fan of chemicals, especially chemical flame retardant. Organic cotton, for example, is a far superior filling material and is significantly less flammable. Naturpedic mattresses meet all Federal and State flammability standards.

7. No Hazardous Chemicals

Naturepedic avoids using traditional chemicals and materials that are not healthy and bad for the environment, such as vinyl/PVC and polyurethane foam. Instead they use materials such as food-grade polyethylene and organic cotton. In addition, Naturepedic eliminates all fire retardant chemicals, perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), and antibacterial biocides.

8.No Latex or Wool in Children’s Mattresses

Naturepedic also avoids using latex and wool in its baby and children’s products because they have allergenic properties. According to the FDA, a product containing latex cannot be labeled as “hypoallergenic.” We take a precautionary approach to items for your children.

9. No harsh chemicals or allergenic material.

10. We are a local business

You can try before you buy and we offer delivery, service and support right here in the Triangle!

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