Latex Mattress & Bedding Accessories

When you choose a latex mattress in Durham and the Raleigh area, it is important to take into consideration the other facets of proper sleep, such as room noise, light penetration and temperature. We can pair the perfect pillow for your body type when you buy a mattress, and make sure that you get the perfect night’s sleep each and every time your head hits the pillow.Organic pillow

From Savvy Rest’s trusted selection of latex mattress styles, customers reap the benefits of having unbleached, naturally colored organic cotton pillow casings with a soft flannel finish. We also offer mattress toppers that enhance sleep quality and prevent the spread of allergens and dust mites. With the brand products of the Savvy Rest Woolsy and Harmony toppers and bedding, customers receive the best full body sleep support.

Safe products are our guarantee, which is why we pair with companies that keep the environment in mind. You can find bedding accessories for your whole family, babies included. The Savvy Rest mattress and mattress pads, along with the Ouef eco friendly crib line, do not disappoint. Trust Green Dream Beds to provide you and your family with the best accessories for all of your bedding needs. Come in today to visit our showroom and learn more.

contact-usAll the bedding solutions we offer are custom tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you have a better night’s sleep.