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Naturepedic mattress organic Raleigh Durham

Your Unique Choice for Mattresses

You’re going to face a variety of choices when looking for a new mattress. There’s size: Do you want a single, twin, full, queen or king sized mattress? Then you have to choose your firmness level, or choose a mattress style that allows you to choose the firmness. And then, there’s your choice of materials. […]

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Could Your Bed be Causing Your Headaches?

OK, up front it’s important to acknowledge this is a blog about beds. While we are sleep specialists, we are not doctors or medical professionals! If you experience recurring headaches, or are diagnosed with migraine headaches, you should consult your primary care physician or a medical specialist to get a diagnosis. If your headaches are […]

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The Perfect Pad for a Good Night’s Sleep

Estimates vary, but generally, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. You may sleep all over the place, but you’re likely to spend most of that time in your own bed. Your bed goes through a lot. Whether it’s your tossing and turning, your kids and pets jumping all over the place, or […]

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The Best Mattress for Your Back Pain

“Oh, my aching back”. How often have you heard that in your life? Maybe you’re the one saying it! A recent survey by the American Pain Society, published by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, finds that nearly 31 percent of adults, age 18 and older, suffer from chronic back […]

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Bedding Down in Comfort for Couples

Back in the 1950’s, TV couples slept in snug, closely wrapped, side-by-side single beds. Oh, how our times have changed! Sure, your parents and grandparents slept in big full beds, maybe even king-side or queen sided beds, even way back then, even if Lucy and Desi and the Beaver’s mom and dad were splitting their […]

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Naturepedic queen size organic bed Durham

What can finding the right mattress do for you?

It’s 11 o’clock at night, your favorite basketball team lost the game in overtime, and there is nothing else on television to ease your heartache. What are your options? One might say a late night snack will put your worries away. Others would suggest a quick visit to the gym. But you’re not hungry, and […]

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What Makes an Organic Mattress Special?

You don’t have to suffer from multiple-chemical sensitivity to enjoy the benefits of organic beds. When you’re considering a new mattress for yourself, you and your spouse or your family, you can make an organic commitment because of its value, its sustainability or for allergic reasons. Sustainable manufacturing means choosing products which don’t harm the […]

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