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Latex Beds and Latex Allergies: Answers & Information

Latex Beds and Latex Allergies: Answers & Information One question that many people have when investigating latex mattresses is: will sleeping on latex produce an allergy? An allergy to latex is not very common, only affecting around one percent of the population, but it can still be a concern for many people when considering different […]

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Organic and Natural Mattresses in Durham

Organic and Natural Mattresses in Durham are great for your health. Our organic beds at Green Dream Beds in Durham are made of the highest quality materials and built in ethical environments that do not violate our values on fair labor or ecological protection. Organic beds are not just safer and more comfortable, but they are […]

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Benefits of a Latex Mattress

The benefits of a latex mattress are many. They are the longest lasting mattresses on the market, with some models reaching 20 years of use. They are both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, which can be a major plus for those with allergies. In addition, latex mattresses are natural so they are better for the environment, as […]

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Why we sell organic beds By Appointment

Green Dream Beds is not the typical mattress store so it’s not the typical mattress-buying experience. You may be used to just walking into a mattress store, lying on a few different models, then buying the one that seems right in that moment. But we all know where that leads. Often, once you get it […]

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Best Organic Mattress Brands in Durham and Raleigh

So you’ve decided to purchase an organic mattress locally. You’ve done your homework and realize an organic mattress is not only a healthier option for you and your family, but also better for the environment. Now it’s purchase time. What’s the best brand of organic mattress? There are three organic mattress brands generally considered to […]

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Why a Non-Organic Mattress Can Be Unhealthy

Taking good care of your health is a round-the-clock task. You try to eat right, exercise, practice good hygiene, etc. But what if you did something eight hours a day that could potentially be unhealthy to your body that you did not realize? Something we take for granted that you would never dream that could […]

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The Rising Trend of Organic Bedding in the Raleigh area

When most people think about organic products, they think about food. In this area, that’s easy to do: health conscious consumers in Raleigh, NC represent one of the leading small markets for organic foods, spending $112 million on organic and natural products. As the demand for safe, healthy, and chemical-free food increases, Raleigh offers variety […]

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