Organic and Natural Mattresses in Durham

Organic and Natural Mattresses in Durham are great for your health. Our organic beds at Green Dream Beds in Durham are made of the highest quality materials and built in ethical environments that do not violate our values on fair labor or ecological protection. Organic beds are not just safer and more comfortable, but they are also a statement on how to treat our fellow man and our planet ethically.

Organic Mattress in Durham

The three main brands carried by Green Dream Beds are Savvy Rest, Naturepedic and Ergovea. All three of these organic and natural mattresses in Durham meet these qualifications and manufacture their products in manners and locations we can stand behind.

Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest was the first brand we sold and is the go-to brand for organic rubber mattresses. The rubber is either Dunlop or Talalay and is from south India. The source for the latex is fair trade and environmentally conscious. Once the latex rubber is brought to the United States, the actual construction is done in country. Actually, not only are the beds made in America, but they are made in North Carolina. The casings are each made in High Point by hand.

Naturepedic Mattresses

Naturepedic mattresses are also made with the workers, planet and consumers in mind. The founder, who was an environmental engineer wanted something his grandchild could sleep on and not be exposed to the harmful chemicals that make their way into other mattresses. After getting assistance from GEM testing and Engineering Labs in Cleveland, Ohio, Naturepedic was born. The manufacturing plant is operated by Amish craftsmen in Chagrin Fall, Ohio and has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards as organic. The Amish are known for both their work-ethic and their devotion to the simple, natural ways of doing things, so they have helped make Naturepedic the success it is.


The last main provider is Ergovea. Ergovea, like Savvy Rest, produces high quality rubber mattresses that are certified organic. Green Guard has given all Ergovea products their Gold Certification after strict testing to ensure their safety and lack of toxic chemicals. Ergovea makes their mattresses with Dunlop rubber, which is a variety free known for its purity and freedom from defects. Every Ergovea product is manufactured right here in the United States and treats their workers with respect.

  • Green Dream Beds is proud to sell organic and natural mattresses in Durham. All three of the brands that we represent and sell stand by their materials, craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing. They all have ethically-sourced materials and are manufactured in the United States. If you have any more questions about these mattresses or if you wish to set-up an appointment, please give us a call at 919-321-1284.
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