STUDY: Organic Mattresses More Nutritious Than NonOrganic

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A recent study in Green Stuff Journal confirms what many in the granola community have already known for years: organically grown mattresses and bedding are indeed more nutritious than standard mattresses.

The data in this totally not made up academic journal shows that farming methods that don’t use pesticides or treated soil not only produces a healthier organic mattress, but a greater yield as well, decreasing the price of organic beds across the market.  

There are also less calories associated with an organic mattress diet, less trans fats, and a lower risk of heart disease in organic-mattress households.

Of course, we’re just kidding! Just a little April Fools fun on this Friday! But, then again, here at Green Dream Beds we do sell the highest quality chemical-free and toxic-free bedding in Durham, Raleigh and the entire Triangle area. Come by and see us by appointment anytime and we’ll take you step by step through the process for a bed totally customized and tailored to what you want.

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