Why a Non-Organic Mattress Can Be Unhealthy

Taking good care of your health is a round-the-clock task. You try to eat right, exercise, practice good hygiene, etc. But what if you did something eight hours a day that could potentially be unhealthy to your body that you did not realize? Something we take for granted that you would never dream that could be harmful to you and your family’s health. Would you make a change?

The conventional mattress you sleep on every night could be toxic and harmful to your body. These mattresses contain fire retardants such as boric acids, rayon and melamine resins. These harmful chemicals are especially dangerous because they are heavily applied to mattresses in the last step of the manufacturing process. They can emit “off gas” into your home that is harmful when inhaled, even if you’re not sleeping on your mattress. These gases have been linked to asthma, allergies, neurological disorders, SIDS, reproductive problems, thyroid disruption, and various forms of cancer.

Conventional mattresses also harbor dust mites. They thrive in the humidity within a mattress, generated by all the breathing, perspiring, and drooling we do at night. They also feed on all the skin flakes we produce. For these tiny creatures, a mattress can be an ideal spot to nest.

So what can change can you make in your mattress to avoid chemicals and dust mites? Switch to an organic mattress! Organic mattresses lack the chemicals often found in regular mattresses. There are no chemicals, flame-retardants or other toxic particles found in regular mattresses that can affect your health in a negative way. Also, organic mattresses are dense, thus making it difficult for dust mites to nest and feed.

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