Common Myths About Organic Mattresses – Raleigh & Durham

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Growing up, you probably have been told by a parent or teacher “No question is dumb.” At Green Dream Beds we agree with that statement as we get asked a number of questions about our organic mattresses from folks interested in their benefits and natural properties. But of course, we also like simply debunking misconceptions and misunderstandings about “green” and “organic” bedding and mattress products. For example:

“Organic” often means “specialty”, so organic mattresses are double the cost of regular mattresses, right? – Organic mattresses can cost more than regular mattresses, but they are certainly not double the cost or just for the wealthy. Also, think about another expression you heard growing up-“You get what you pay for.” You spend a lot of time sleeping on a mattress, so it’s worth thinking about what’s in the mattress. You’ll spend nearly a third of every day there! The organic fabrics and fibers used in organic mattresses are grown and processed differently than traditional versions, without toxic pesticides, chemical dyes, and other treatments. Organic mattresses are a better investment in regards to your health and the environment.

Are “green” mattresses really green? – The answer is “no”. Organic mattresses are not colored or dyed green, but they are “green” in the pro-ecological sense. Organic mattresses lack the chemicals often found in regular mattresses. There’s none of the chemicals, flame-retardants, and other toxic particles found in regular mattresses that can affect your health in a negative way.

The associates at Green Dream Beds can answer these and many more questions about organic mattresses. They will educate you and help find the right mattress for you. Green Dream Beds serves Durham, Wake and Orange county communities like Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary, Morrisville, Apex and beyond throughout the Piedmont. Visit us anytime by appointment at Academy Court, 3401 University Drive in Durham. You can also call (919) 321-1284 or visit us online at for details on making your choice for a new bed.


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