The Rising Trend of Organic Bedding in the Raleigh area

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When most people think about organic products, they think about food. In this area, that’s easy to do: health conscious consumers in Raleigh, NC represent one of the leading small markets for organic foods, spending $112 million on organic and natural products. As the demand for safe, healthy, and chemical-free food increases, Raleigh offers variety of organic food sources, from markets to restaurants.

But “organic” doesn’t just mean food. One of the biggest growth areas in the country is for non-food organic products. Now that we as consumers are guarding against putting harmful chemical and pesticides in our bodies, we’re also starting to focus on preventing harmful products from going on our bodies.

As a result, the emphasis on organics in skin care, soaps, cosmetics, and household cleaners is growing.

Organic bedding is another area of clean living that is gaining interest. Think about how much time you spend in bed. The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults have 7 – 9 hours of sleep, and children even more. But those hours may be spent lying on a mattress that is made with toxic chemicals in the foam or that are used as fire retardants. Even if a mattress is made with a natural product such as cotton, that cotton could have been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Each night, you or your family could be exposed to hours of contact with these agents.

The Benefits of Organic Bedding

When you select organic bedding instead of conventional, you’re making a change for both the environment and for your health. Organic materials such as certified organic cotton, typically cause less damage to the environment because of low impact harvesting practices.

New fibers like PLA (polylactic acid), made entirely from plants, provide comfort and resiliency in your mattress, without off-gassing or releasing harmful chemicals into your home—or onto your body. Some traditional mattresses contain chemicals to make the materials more fire retardant, but the chemicals themselves are unhealthy. Organic mattresses made of cotton are significantly less flammable without the additional toxins.

Some organic bedding companies also offer products that avoid allergens like latex and wool, which is particularly important in baby and children’s products.

The health benefits organic mattresses offer make them popular, but their comfort does too. Organic mattresses have a variety of styles with different degrees of firmness or softness, as well as various interiors and types of layers to suit your needs.

To learn more about how organic bedding can help you have a better and healthier night’s sleep, please give the experts at Green Dream Beds a call at 919-321-1284 and set up an appointment so we can tailor specifically to your needs. We service Durham, Raleigh and the Triangle Wake County areas.

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