Why are Organic Mattresses different? Here’s Why You Should Try It.

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Eight hours a day. That’s the average amount of time Americans spend sleeping. Now, think about additional time spent reading in bed or watching TV. It’s easy to see how essential it is to have a supportive, comfortable mattress to lie on. A good mattress can relieve joint pain and enhance the quality of rest.

Today, we have a variety of mattress choices, including innerspring, foam, memory foam, gel, waterbed, and latex, each designed to provide comfort. But even though mattresses are intended to enhance our health, some can do just the opposite. That’s because many mattresses are filled with chemicals, flame-retardants and other toxic materials that can be detrimental to our wellbeing.

If you’re considering a new mattress for you, your baby, child or other member of your family, we suggest looking at the many benefits offered by an organic mattress.

What is an Organic Mattress?

Just as organic foods are grown without pesticides or antibiotics, an organic mattress are manufactured with materials that were grown the same way, with organic cotton, organic latex and organic wool.

One of the major benefits of organic mattresses is that they are made without fire-retardant chemicals. Fire retardants do a good thing: they make thick materials like mattresses less likely to catch on fire, or to burn more slowly, giving people more time to detect a fire and escape. However, the chemicals used to slow the burn can be absorbed into the body—during that eight hours a day of sleep—and those chemicals are toxic.

What Type of Organic Mattress Should I Get?

Just like traditional mattresses, organic mattresses can be manufactured from a variety of materials. At Green Dream Beds, our organic sleep solutions include:

  • Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses—made with 3 inches of natural latex, these mattresses can be customized with your choice of layers, types of latex and amount of softness or firmness.
  • Naturepedic Mattresses—for those who don’t want or are allergic to latex, these mattresses use inner springs, conventionally and individually pocketed to provide flexibility and changeability.
  • Ergovea—this line only uses certified organic material from renewable resources, with a natural rubber airflow design that creates proper weight distribution for a restful sleep.

The best way to find the perfect organic mattress is to test “sleep” it. We’re open by appointment — call 919-321-1284 and come visit our Green Dream Beds store in Durham to see our full display of products. We can even custom configure a test mattress, just for you.

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