Is a Soft or Firm Organic Mattress Best for You?

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By now you figured out organic mattresses are better for your health and the environment. Now you’re wondering if you’ll be sacrificing comfort. Can organic mattresses be firm or soft like a conventional mattress? The answer is “yes.” Now that you know the answer, it’s time to figure out if a soft or a firm mattress is best for you.

If you have health issues like back pain, rheumatism, or arthritis, a soft mattress is probably best for you. Soft mattresses can reduce back pain and help those with joint pain and problems. There’s an age-old belief that people with back issues should sleep only on hard mattresses. New studies have suggested that soft mattresses are a better option for people with certain lower back issues.

If you do not have a history of back issues, the best bet is stay with a firm mattress. A firm mattress prevents your lower back from collapsing, thus ensuring that your airways are not constricted, allowing you to inhale more oxygen. Your bones should have a little resistance and the less cushioning a mattress provides, the more likely you are to fall in a deep sleep while maintain a neutral spine.

Of course choosing a mattress comes down to your personal preference. The experts at Green Dream Beds will educate you and help you find the right mattress.

Green Dream Beds serves Durham, Wake and Orange county communities like Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Cary, Morrisville, Apex and beyond throughout the Piedmont. Call (919) 321-1284 to schedule an appointment, and meet us at Academy Court, 3401 University Drive in Durham. You can test out all the beds we have on display and feel for yourself how great an organic mattress can make you feel. Check us out online at for details on making your choice for a new bed.

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