Top 5 Reasons to Think Organic with your Mattress

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When you think of the term “organic”, you probably associate the term with the food we eat or materials in the clothes we wear. Do you ever think about organic in regards to a mattress? Considering we spend 1/3 of our lives laying a mattress, you certainly should consider an organic mattress versus a conventional mattress. Here are five reasons to think “organic” when considering a mattress:

  1. Conventional mattresses are often soaked toxic fire retardants in the last step of the manufacturing process Boric acids, rayon and melamine resins are just a few of the toxic chemicals in fire retardants that can be harmful to you or your family.

  3. Dust mites can harbor in conventional mattresses– The dense structure of an organic mattress can make it difficult for dust mites to nest and feed.

  5. The production of organic mattresses is better for the environment– Unlike conventional mattresses, organic mattresses aren’t produced with the chemicals that can deplete the earth’s ozone layer like CFC/HCFC, carbon dioxide and methylene chloride. Organic mattresses can also be delivered in a roll rather than delivered flat, thus reducing fuel usage.

  7. Conventional mattresses can get moldy- Our bodies sweat during the night and sweat can seep into your mattress. Organic mattresses have more “breathability” than conventional mattresses and can keep you cooler. You’ll sweat less and cut down on the moisture your mattress absorbs.

  9. Organic mattresses don’t emit harmful pollutants- The synthetic chemicals used in conventional mattresses can emit “off gas” into your home. These gasses could potentially be inhaled and be harmful, even if you’re not sleeping on your mattress.

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