Understanding Mattress Reviews

So, it’s time to look for a new mattress for your bed. When you hit the bricks in the greater-Triangle area, whether you begin in Raleigh, Cary, Durham or Chapel Hill, brace yourself. You’re going to face a bewildering amount of choices. How can you educate yourself about the choices you face before talking face to face with a salesperson?

Word of Mouth

When it comes to discussing bed-shopping, you can begin with the resources you have right around you like talking to your family and friends. Your choice of mattress will likely be with you for a lengthy period of time. Ask people who’ve recently made the choice about where they went, what their experiences were, and maybe what they would have done differently.

Internet Review Sites

When surfing the web for mattress choices, you’re likely to come across some horror stories about the products OR the companies selling the mattresses. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that people tend to be passionate when they post a review. You’ll see rants AND raves. It’s important to go beyond the noise and look at how the organization dealt with complaints. Did they take them seriously? Do they have care for customers after the sale to address dissatisfaction? A bad review alone might not be enough to dismiss a potential place of business.

Examples of internet review sites:

Angie’s List

Yahoo Business Pages


(Make sure you sort by community or area. The retailer’s outlet in Morrisville might be really different than the one in Cary, for example.)

Consumer/Industry Review Pages

A number of organizations strive to provide neutral, unbiased reports on the quality and durability of mattresses. You can take a look at these sites before you start making the rounds to actually get into beds, and make a better informed choice.

Some of the most respected sites include:




Manufacturer Sites

Sure, they’re going to say nice things about themselves, but the manufacturer’s own sites can be a good source of BASIC information about the mattresses you’re looking at. You can compare their data against the other sites while you’re doing your research.

At Green Dream Beds, we offer these quality manufacturers:

Savvy Rest:




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