The Perfect Pad for a Good Night’s Sleep

Estimates vary, but generally, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. You may sleep all over the place, but you’re likely to spend most of that time in your own bed. Your bed goes through a lot. Whether it’s your tossing and turning, your kids and pets jumping all over the place, or the possibility of spills and stains if you’re enjoying a late night snack while watching TV or web-surfing, let’s face it; your bed deserves some protection!

And while you might be tempted to wrap it up in plastic to get the protection you want, that’s probably not the best (or even recommended) option for your comfort or your health. Talk to a bedding professional about some convenient and easy options for you to worry less about your bed, while you’re getting the sleep you need and deserve.

That’s where mattress pads come in. Originally, mattress pads were designed as protection for a large family investment: your bed and box spring. Having an easily moved, easily cleaned pad on your primary sleep zone delivers piece of mind. However there are other benefits to choosing a mattress pad for your bed.

Savvy Rest Organic Mattress Pads

Better Night’s Sleep

Let’s say you sleep hot and find your sheets damp or clammy in the morning. This can cause staining of your mattress and the right mattress pad can help. Choose one made made of natural materials that breathe and wick moisture, like wool, rather than absorbing it the way cotton or polyester does. Consulting a sleep expert and reviewing the varieties of mattress pads can make a big difference.

Better for the Environment

An environmental bonus comes from your choice of the materials your pad is made from. For example, manufacturers like Savvy Rest® and Naturepedic® focus on organic, hypo-allergenic casings that protect as well as add to comfort.

If you’re considering new bedding, you should talk to someone who works with beds for a living. We at Green Dream Beds are committed to delivering beds free of petrochemicals, fire retardants, anti-microbial or anti-fungal agents, glues, resins or toxic outgassing.

Visit us anytime, by appointment, at Academy Court, 3401 University Drive in Durham. You can also call (919) 321-1284 or visit us online at for details on making your choice for a new bed for your home.

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